It's been a

It´s been a

Dear friends, clients and neighbors of the Sants neighborhood:

El Petit Pau will close its doors next June. I conclude satisfactorily the project that this restaurant has been for more than 9 years. I will lower the shutter with my head held high and with great pride for the work done. Because at Petit Pau I have left my mark to dignify the profession, offering fair working conditions, taking care of physical and mental health, establishing strong ties with the neighborhood and leaving no debt to suppliers or institutions. So the balance sheet is positive: we leave no stone unturned and have accumulated almost a decade of learning and happiness.

I am completely happy to have opted for a model that was not common: I made contact with it during my stay in Korea and extrapolated it to Barcelona, with a unique cost structure and a very personal character, and it has finish considered suitable for today's hospitality industry. In addition, I bet on my neighborhood, which I already knew would be a safe bet: the Petit Pau opened its doors on a secondary street in Sants when the area had not yet reached the current levels of success and dynamism - which I hope the responsible bodies know how to manage in favor of the community. And I've done all this without flinching, always putting on an artisanal face.


I will face the coming months, when the gift vouchers that many of you bought for Christmas will be effective, with the joy of being able to enjoy the warmth of the customers; I know I will miss you very soon.

To you and the workers who have passed through Petit Pau, I want to thank you for being part of this great adventure. And to all of us, I want to remind us that the common good, if it is not universal, is not common.

See you in bars and restaurants.

A hug,

Pau Gascó Bel